Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art Materials

It's Illustration Tuesday. One of the wonderful things about picture books is the great variety of art styles and the wide range of techniques that illustrators use. The most recent Caldecott winner, Beth Krommes, used scratchboard. Sometimes, but by no means always, the publisher includes this info in the front of the book. (See what a librarian, writing in the School Library Journal, has to say about that here.) If you're an artist, it's instructive to know how the pictures were created. If you're writer or reader, it's just plain interesting to know what the materials were. If you're a little vague about what some of those fancy shmancy art terms may mean, here is a handy guide on the website, Picturing Books. If you illustrate, have you thought about stretching into new media? Remember how fun doing scratchboard is? Sometimes we need to shake it up a bit!

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