Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's Real Kids Thursday. Don't you wonder if little boys 1000 years ago were fascinated with clattering, wooden wagons like they are with vrooming, shiny vehicles now? Maybe cars were really invented, not so much for transportation, but just to satisfy this genetically based craving. Young children have certain topics which they love to think and talk about, act out, and read books about. They also have to deal with lots of real frustration and challenges every day. Wouldn't the little boy in this video just love to curl up on a lap and read a great book featuring cars and trucks? We can make the books he would love to read. What story would you write for him? In the mean time, somebody get this child a rubber band!
(BTW, See the title of the video? That's put on by the original uploader of the video, not me.)

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