Friday, July 17, 2009

A Peek Inside A Publisher

It's Book Business Friday.
Most publishing companies put out a list of new books for sale twice a year. Publishers have different ways of getting the word out to publicize these new books they have to sell: catalogs, advertising, sales reps, etc. Another way they let the world know is by trying to make potentially influential people, like key librarians, aware. Some publishing houses host librarian previews in their offices and invite those folks. You can read a description of one of these events here on the blog of Elizabeth Bird, a New York City librarian. Enjoy taking a look inside the offices of Henry Holt.


Beth the Determined said...

This is my second attempt to leave a comment (it stinks to be a rookie).

Love Elizabeth Bird's insights and sense of humor and I REALLY loved that clip of Mo Willems talking about how long it takes to get to know one's characters...made me feel less lame and more patient. THANK YOU, Andrea!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Thanks, Beth. So happy you are enjoying it! It's fun to get more tech savvy, isn't it? Tell other writers about the blog, I'd like lots of company here!

efine said...

Process. Watching the Jon J Muth video on The Stonecutter was like being inside someone else, feeling the way this artist comes to his work. Mesmerizing.

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