Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Basic Plot Types

It's Writing Wednesday.
The four basic plot types are great to store in your brain. When making up a story, you can plot using your instincts for storytelling and let your imagination, and the action, flow. Like taking a drive. But, uh-oh! It's getting dark. And maybe you made a wrong turn back there at the last intersection. So, what if you get lost or unsure about your storytelling progress? Thinking through the basic plot types, and understanding what type your story is, can be a handy roadmap. They can be very helpful to understand what's happening within the stories you write so that you can fix flaws.
One of the four basic plot types is:
Series of Incidents--The main character goes through a series of events--this happens, then this happens, then this happens. The action moves along in sequence towards a logical ending which often puts the character back, in some way, to where she was at the beginning. The Snowy Day is an example, as is Harold and the Purple Crayon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Read them and see how it works.
Can you think of other examples? Do any of your stories have this plot type?

We'll talk more about each plot type on future posts. Here, here and here.


Lori's Story said...

I can't wait. This is just what I need right now...this and just another 20 hours in the day. But seriously I am excited and will squeeze this in for sure.

kcoombs1 said...

The blog looks great Andrea. More to inspire us and get us writing.

Lori's Story said...

I went and checked out Snowy Day...what an inspiration. So simple but so perfect.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

And still looks fresh today, not dated.

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