Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plot Type #3

It's Writing Wednesday. Time to look at plot types again. (As we did here.) Today, it's the third type: Misunderstanding, Discovery, and Reversal. The main character has a misunderstanding about himself, or someone else, or something in the world. Through the course of the story, he makes a discovery, or realization. Then, towards the end, he has a reversal in which he changes his thinking and/or behavior. Let's take Where the Wild Things Are. Remember the story? Max gets sent to his room for acting wild, right? So, what does he misunderstand? What does he discover? What's the reversal? He misunderstands about how he feels about his home and the people who love him. He runs off to another land where he is free and is the boss. But he discovers that he's lonely and wants to feel loved. The reversal of his behavior comes when he sails home. Two more examples are Harry the Dirty Dog and The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Read them, and other stories, to recognize this plot type. Have you written a story of this type?


Lori's Story said...

My favorite story of all time. I love how it starts with a small illustration on one page, then expands until it covers both pages.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

I agree. And every time I look at the transformation of his room into a jungle it still seems magical.

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