Friday, July 31, 2009

The Publishometer

It's Book Business Friday.
Wow. I wondered if these things really existed. Now we have proof from the children's book editor who writes "Editorial Anonymous." So, if we're not celebrities, we can just use this handy guide to find out whether our manuscripts will be accepted by a publisher. No more need to agonize by the mailbox. (Notice the two areas in which we can shine--"Quality of Writing" and "Consumer Interest in Topic"-- our secret weapons!) Read all about it here.


Lori's Story said...

Very Good!

Beth the Determined said...

This news is defeating because it sounds like the only way we authors can succeed in selling our stories (other than by becoming film celebrities)is by copying what's already out there and pandering to current consumer tastes, when it should be that our stories are so original and interesting and well written that publishers want to buy them to lead the consumers to new ideas and fresh topics of interest. Sigh. Well, they said fantasy was dead just before Harry Potter was published and look how that turned around!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Hi Beth--I look at this a little differently. Here's one way to add up the points: 20 points for previously published, 70 points for my kid likes that and so do I, and 40 points for delightful writing = 130 points = going to get published! Granted, if you haven't been published before it's harder, but writing credits can be built up in different ways. I don't think "my kid likes that and so do I" necessarily means jumping on a bandwagon if you find a kid friendly angle on something different. Or a fresh angle on something familiar. Sprinkle fairy dust, too.

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