Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Illustration Videos

Picture book writers and artists need to stay motivated and learning. If you are an artist, you probably have some techniques with which you are comfortable because you've developed your skills using them. But you also might like to explore and experiment--that's a good way to keep things interesting and fresh. It's amazing how many tutorial videos there are on the web--from low tech to high tech. Watching them can inspire you to try new tools and media. You just need to google some key words to find a world of art ideas waiting for you. What might you look for? Pastels? Gouache? Photoshop? As examples, check out the videos below--one low tech, one high tech. The first uses markers and colored pencils. The second uses computer software. If you aren't an artist, you might find them even more surprising and interesting!


efine said...

Wow! I'm not on the illustration side, but these apple and DNA/splash demos are fascinating. Process. Whether you're an illustrator or author, it's all about process--idea, research, layering, blending, highlighting. Creating a great end product. Cool.
Edith Hope Fine

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