Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Human!

It's Real Kids Thursday. Young children often have a hard time getting taken seriously. They're full of ideas and understanding, but sometimes have to put up with being bugged. What's one of the worst insults a kid can hear? The powerful, "You're a baby." Yikes--that's cold! In the video below, watch two year old Sadie giving a book report. She's discussing (somewhat unintelligibly,) and trying to read, a picture book at her podium. Then her three year old brother chirps up from off camera. She defends herself, and her status as a full human being. She tries to maintain her self esteem and dignity and won't even accept being called a girl. "I'm human!" Isn't it nice to know that when children like Sadie read our stories they get can vicarious satisfaction from the main characters' triumphs and successes? Sometimes everybody needs a little boost.

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