Friday, August 7, 2009


It's Book Business Friday. We know we should support local independent book sellers. They are great places to visit and they help authors get known. Retail book selling these days is more of a challenge than in the past. Independent book shops keep closing as they have even more problems getting customers in and buying. When the Cook's Library book store in Los Angeles was closing this spring, owner Ellen Rose was quoted in the LA Times as saying, "Sales have been sliding. The economy is terrible. The Internet is as active as it has ever been; we'd work with someone for 30 minutes talking about books, and afterward they would ask if we could write down the books and authors and you'd just know they were going to buy it on the Internet." That hurts. Some independent stores are remaining and fighting for business. They argue that keeping them thriving contributes more to the local economy and the local culture. Check out IndieBound's recent bestseller list here. And watch this fun video made by The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, North Carolina, which adds another angle, helping the environment, to pitch the benefits of buying locally.

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