Friday, August 21, 2009

Julie, Julia, and Book Deals

Go see the new movie, "Julie & Julia." It isn't just about cooking. It's also about a writer getting her heart's desire--a published book. Actually there are two writers: Julie Powell, a blogger, and Julia Child, the famous cook/TV personality with this wish. At one point in the film Julia Child is terribly disappointed when her book deal falls through. It's a wonderful and telling moment that any seasoned book creator can relate to. She says, "Eight years of my life. It just turned out to be something to do, so I wouldn't have nothing to do. Oh, well. Boo-hoo. Now what?" The film shows us that the truth is that those eight years were a rich time of experience and growth. The heartbreaking set back didn't stop her and she went on to find another publisher. "Boo-hoo" is how we feel sometimes, right? Then it's back to work. (Warning: This movie is going to make you want to cook with butter. A lot of butter.)


efine said...

Andrea, you're so right about the butter. And cream. Lots of it. But Julia's recipe are clear, thoughtfully constructed, encouraging--she knows her readers. And heaven knows Julia has a sense of humor. And isn't that what we writers want for our picture book readers? Words deliciously tempting, meted out clearly, plotted with care, and sprinkled with a dollop of humor? Irresistibly tempting books: our goal.
You do good work.
Edith Hope Fine

Andrea Zimmerman said...

I think that's a perfect way to express it...we want irresistibly tempting books. Thanks, Edith.

Lori's Story said...

Wonderful review.I can't wait to see the movie.

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