Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real and Pretend

It's Thursday, Real Kids Day. Many young children, especially boys, find garbage trucks fascinating. It's interesting to think about why. Probably part of the attraction is their immense size and power. How many things of such hugeness and destructive force come so close to our safe home lives? And once a week, too! Children don't take that for granted. Below are two videos in which the boys are experiencing trash day--one real and one imagined through play. They'd probably love to read about garbage trucks. What other kinds of books would these boys also like to read? What would you write for them?


Anonymous said...

Andrea, that little show of the kid watching the garbage truck is priceless! Thank you for sharing these gems with us. You are giving us so much! Thank you, thank you. I don't comment, because I am a student of your online course, and I'm learning so much.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Wasn't that funny when the trash truck went right in front of him? You could see him in awe and tensing up. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm learning, too!

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