Friday, September 11, 2009


It's Book Business Friday. If an editor likes the book manuscript that you've sent in, what happens next? There's a clear discussion on Harold Underdown's website here in which he outlines the whole acquisition process. Another, chattier, description by writer Nicola Morgan is here and it's not surprising how similar the two are. For the most part, acquisition meetings are where the fate of a book manuscript is sealed at that publishing house. Understanding this process helps remind us that the publishing company is a business and publishers need to acquire books that are going to sell. That's the truth. to make that book irresistible? We need a solid plot, a character children want to be with, and felicity. If you were in the editor's shoes, would you love the manuscript? Would children love it? We have to make it a wonderful experience for the reader. It's wonderful work to try.

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