Friday, September 18, 2009


Aye, matey, today it be Book Business Friday. And tomorrow's the big holiday! The 15th annual, internationally celebrated, Talk Like a Pirate Day! This event is the swashbuckling tale of making something out of nothing. And promotion. And enthusiasm for something wonderfully silly. And the power of humorist Dave Barry. You should read this from the pirate guys. And Dave Barry's article is here. And on Wikipedia here. Then you should definitely practice by watching the video below. After that, you'll be ready for tomorrow! does this relate to books? Well, first these guys self-published a book which sold enough to get a publisher interested, then they got books #2 and #3 published by Penguin and Citadel. Arrrrrr!


kcoombs1 said...

Aye, this one is a hoot! Arrrr!

Beth the Determined said...

I'm wiping the tears off my cheeks as I'm still laughing at these two mateys! What a riot!!! I love how the guy, I mean, pirate on the left just stares at the camera while his rum-toting buddy waxes wider on the Five A's of pirate talk. Thanks for a great laugh!!!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

I love the way they are, too!

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