Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Charles Vess

It's Illustration Tuesday. Charles Vess is an illustrator well known in the fantasy comics world. His style has roots in traditional book illustration. He has done several projects with writer Neil Gaiman including picture books, most recently Blueberry Girl, a bestseller. Vess shows some of his art work for the new book they are doing together called Instructions on his website and discusses the choices he considered for the main character, since the text left it open. He's also trying out a new material-- watercolor pencils. Look at it here. (Find out more about Newberry winning author Neil Gaiman here.)


Sarah said...

I love seeing drafts of illustrations, thanks for the cool link!

And Neil Gaiman's novels are amazing, I can't wait to check out his PBs too.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Yeah, isn't it fun to peek behind the scenes?

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