Friday, September 4, 2009

A Day in the Life

It's Book Business Friday. Most writers and illustrators, unless they've previously worked at a publishing company, have a pretty foggy idea of what goes on inside one. When an editor speaks at a conference, it's interesting to hear about the process of book acquisition and editing. There is a desire to try to figure out the secrets to publishing success from an insider. On the bloomabilities blog, children's book editor "alvina" recaps her conference talk about "a day in the life of an editor" here. Even if we don't figure out the magic formula by reading this, we certainly can get a better idea of what an editor does and how hard she may be working! An editor can be kind of like a farmer--caring, and providing a location and support for the creative process to come to fruition. (Corny, maybe, but you get the idea... and doesn't that farmer look nice?)

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