Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jan Brett

It's Illustration Tuesday. Now, let's all say it together..."Envy is sinful and we are above it." After that preparation, we can enjoy looking at illustrator/writer Jan Brett's summer home (and her chickens.) It's a New York Times slide show here, and related article, here. It's fun to see the studio area where she works. In her long career, she has covered many subjects with her whimsical, detailed, and very popular books. Check out her extensive website here. We can strive to work hard, and enjoy our work, like she does. That's so much better than envy. Right?


Mara Mattia said...

Thanks for this post. Jan Brett is one of my favorite illustrator/authors. I am especially interested in little hints of how women structure their time and accomplish what they do. The pictures and article really inspired me. Thanks, Andrea!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

I agree...making time for our work, and being disciplined about it, is a challenge for so many of us. I know ALL about that!

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