Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Books with Hooks

It's Writing Wednesday. Let's imagine that we have written a picture book manuscript, and we have sent it to a publishing house, and it arrives. The editor opens it, and she reads the very brief cover letter that includes the title of the story and a one sentence summary. She thinks, "Wow! That sounds pretty interesting..." Well, that imaginary manuscript is probably a story with a hook, aka a "high concept" story. These are stories that promise to be out of the ordinary. They often have snappy titles to pique the imagination. They are stories that are easily summarized in one intriguing sentence. Maybe it would be good for us to write ten titles and matching one line summaries that could make an editor go, "Wow! That sounds pretty interesting..." Who knows, we might find one so intriguing that we would have to sit down, right then, and write the story, just so we could read it ourselves! Enjoy a post from Editorial Anonymous about hooks here.


Anne said...

Wow! What a great idea! Thanks so much for all the great material that you share with us on this blog. It's really a virtual classroom for me.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm enjoying it myself--learning as I look for good stuff to put on here!

lorisstory said...

I'm checking this out for the next meeting. Great ideas!

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