Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dick Bruna

It's Illustration Tuesday. Let's go European today. Clean, simple design. Beautiful and fun. Dutch picture book creator Dick Bruna is profiled in the first video below. In the second (more informal) video, he describes creating a particular book. Enjoy seeing the care and happiness he puts into his work. But first, get oriented on Wikipedia here. After watching the videos, see his artistic celebrity in Utrecht by visiting the Dick Bruna Huis here. Check out the website about his work here. It looks like he's having fun making books. And people around the world have been enjoying them for years.


Beth the Determined said...

I have LOVED Dick Bruna's artwork ever since college -- I had some posters of his children characters hanging on my wall.

I'm so glad you found these clips of The Man talking and showing us his process! And how young he looks! Do you think writing children's books will keep us looking this young and alert and engaged at 82?!! I hope so.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

It seems like he has had more recognition in other parts of the world. I really like watching him describe Boris the Bear in the rain. You can see how much he enjoys his work.

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