Friday, October 9, 2009

e-Book Pirates

It's Book Business Friday. Most people are aware of the big hit the music industry has taken from illegal downloading of files. Musicians just can't sell CD's like they used to because it's so easy for people to get the songs for free. Well, there is an e-book equivalent looming large in the book business. Stay informed and read about it here. We won't let this sort of thing rain on our picture-book-creating-parade, but it does make the sky a bit cloudy, doesn't it?


Beth the Determined said...

What an eye opener, Andrea. And what a rotten attitude at the Swiss company which acts like they're merely handling a bunch of files, with no regard to value, content, authors' hard work or ownership rights. Downright creepy.

My guess is that there will be a point where people are tried of camping out in front of a screen for everything. Where a traditional book will be considered a lovely break from an electronic device, but perhaps I'm dreaming.

If so, I'll just keep dreaming...thanks for the head's up.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

And perhaps there will be more effective protection built into the technology of the future.

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