Thursday, October 15, 2009

Early Reading

Today is Real Kids Thursday. Isn't it wonderful how a good picture book captivates a child? Girls and boys may be full of energy, or mischief, or play, but get them listening to the first couple of pages of an interesting book, and an amazing transformation takes place as they sit still, concentrate, and listen. That is, unless they are really little. Then their concentration is so intense that their little legs kick in response. Check it out in the video below, a follow up on Monday's post on Ezra Jack Keats. Watch the intensity on her face as she studies the pictures. Early exposure to books is such a gift.


Beth the Determined said...

What charmers, Dad and Daughter. Snowy Day's pictures would have the sharp contrasts of people and things against all that pale snow to attract a baby's vision. And the text is short and crisp--great read aloud.

Good thing that was the board book version, which is more sneeze proof than the regular picture book!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Yeah, aren't they a pair? Looks like a great dad.

Lori's Story said...

Ok, that was the cutest thing ever!

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