Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fancy Illustrating

It's Illustration Tuesday. Borders has some video interviews with book people on their website. There's a great one with Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser in which they describe how the Fancy Nancy books began and are developed now. They especially talk about the illustrations. There's been more collaboration between the two of them than is typical in the creation of a picture book. It's fun to hear about the process.


Beth the Determined said...

Thanks for finding this interview with Jane and Robin. We writers are always told by editors to write what we know, and low and behold, that's just what Jane did, recalling her own childhood behavior (of course, being an editor herself, she was just following her own advice, I guess).

And it's good to hear illustrators seek authenticity by finding real life kids around them to become the character's model. Robin was a speaker at one of our earlier San Diego mid-winter conferences, just as she had finished her first ABC book with Lynne Cheney. I'm so glad she's still so busy and popular--she deserves it!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Yeah, I thought it was fun to see them together, obviously really enjoying the books, and seeing Nancy as a real girl.

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