Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mem Fox

It's Writing Wednesday. You've got to believe in yourself and think positive. Boy, doesn't that take the cake as cliche advice? But after listening to Mem Fox, it's impossible NOT to tell yourself that. She sounds so convincingly delighted with herself and her work (in a good way... she writes great books!) that we have to believe that such a positive attitude helps make good things happen. Watch an interview here. Let's take a page from her book and give ourselves a pat on the back. Go ahead. Reach around there. Pat, pat, pat, Good job! Now, think positive and believe in yourself. It's gotta help.


Beth the Determined said...

How fun to hear Mem read her own book, and what a beautiful book it is! She's got another winner, with such fun verbs and exotic animals, but this time published by Simon & Schuster instead of Harcourt.

Her book is reminiscent of Bill Martin's (and Eric Carle's)BROWN BEAR picture book, with the sequence of animals and series of questions. Very kid friendly.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

It's fun to hear her, especially, I think, because she really looks like she thoroughly enjoys it.

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