Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You and YouTube

It's Tuesday--Illustration Day.
One of the amazing benefits of the internet for illustrators is the cornucopia of videos available on YouTube. These can help when one is trying to create a character with life. Searching for subject matter is so easy and the variety of clips available is wonderful. To be able to see things in motion is really helpful in drawing. Writers can use it, too, especially for thinking about animal characteristics. Just look this great crab, which one commenter dubbed the "Evil Hypnocrab."


Beth the Determined said...

Wow,what a fascinating creature! Love the threatening pose and baboon face on that shield below his eyes.

Disney animators have always used filmed action sequences of animals and people who are to represent characters. But as authors, we also benefit from watching our subjects, so we can more effectively describe how they move, react, sounds they make, etc.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Hi Beth,
Yeah, and watching, we can get personality and story ideas that wouldn't otherwise occur to us. BTW, I love your name, "Beth the Determined."

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