Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writers on Writing

It's Writing Wednesday. Below are three short videos on writing. The first has many authors' brief insights about getting the job done. The second is Steven King's advice to would be writers. The third is writer Martin Amis on avoiding cliches and being original. These folks (most anyway) may not be writing picture books, but they know writing and it all applies.

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Beth the Determined said...

The first clip features Lee Child, who just had the cover story in today's PARADE magazine interviewing Robert De Niro, so it's great to match up his face with his byline (he's also a best-selling suspense novelist).

I'm with Stephen King about the ephiphanal moment of deciding you'll write a book...when you've just read one that is so lame, you KNOW you can do better! There was one such book that I read at the library in 1980 which drove me to start really working harder at my writing. It made me realize that if THAT book could get published, then I knew my book could...and it did!

Thanks for the clips of writerly wisdom.

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