Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's Writing Wednesday. Last Wednesday, here, we were thinking about writing in rhyme. Of course, rhythm goes hand in had with rhyme. In the video below, listen to Bill Martin read his classic, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. He's all about the rhythm--so much so that he's really singing the text. We need to make the picture book words we write invite reading through their flow and rhythm. Eric Carle said that Bill Martin found the rhythm he liked first, then the words. Maybe we should try that!

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Beth the Determined said...

Soooooo interesting, Andrea! To pick the rhythm first, and even to know how to sing it, before finding the words.

Of course, Martin must have had the concept of a series of animals in mind, and the questioning and "see" thread, before he launched into the storymaking.

Bill Martin teamed up with John Archambault for other books, like CHICK-A-CHICK-A-BOOM-BOOM and BARN DANCE, both of which have distinct rhythms and can be sung. John also brings his guitar and sings at reading and teachers' conferences, emphasizing the musicality of the language in their books.

All of it makes the rhyme more intrinsic and fluid. Worth aspiring to!

Thanks for finding Bill Martin in action!

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