Friday, March 5, 2010

Book Costs

It's Book Business Friday. So, how big a pickle is the publishing business getting into? Just how much does it cost to make a book? And how much does it cost to make an e-book? That's certainly relevant to the pricing of books (and the future of publishing) so the New York Times looked into it. They've got the inside information for us here. It's well worth reading! The graphic summary is here.


Mara Mattia said...

Interesting article. Illustrator's royalties are not mentioned. I would assume the costs of publishing a children's picture book would be much higher - something that's not covered in the NYT article...all that colored ink!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Yes, printing must be higher. The illustrator and author would split the royalties that were listed as author's royalties in the example in the article.

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