Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Margaret Mahy

It's Writing Wednesday. We're going international today, to New Zealand. Read about Margaret Mahy, former librarian, now famous writer, here. She won the prestigious 2009 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Bubble Trouble. She talks about her writing here. One pearl from her is, "It is always a good idea to put a story aside for a little time before correcting it. Sometimes overnight is enough but, after the story is finished, I think one should probably put it aside for a month, and then revise again. One's judgement is usually restored by the break, and one can correct more incisively." So true, don't you think? Below, she talks about having her writing interpreted by others--readers and television producers. (If the screen is cut off a bit, and you want to see it full screen, try clicking on it again to go to YouTube.)

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