Friday, May 21, 2010

Agent Hunting

It's Book Business Friday. Harold Underdown has loads of experience in the book business, as we've said before. A recent addition to his website is an essay called, "Five Reasons You Don't Need to Get an Agent." Are you thinking about hunting for an agent? Many of us wrangle with the question of get one/don't get one. He lays out some considerations you might not have thought about before. It could be helpful to see if you really don't need to think about getting one. Check it out here.

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Beth the Determined said...

THANKS, Andrea! I've been on that should-I-or-shouldn't-I merry-go-round about agents on and off for years.

Reasons 5-3 apply to me (easy readers are even LESS interesting to agents than picture books), and even Reason #2 since ANDERSEN was called "eclectic" by one publisher who rejected it, which is another word for "quirky."

Harold has put it very succintly--thanks for sharing!

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