Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sales and Smaller Publishers

Though this article, "Smaller Presses, Bigger Authors" is discussing the adult side of publishing, it's not hard to have some thoughts about how this translates to books for younger readers. Just getting a book published is an achievement, of course, but how well will it sell? That definitely matters when we write and send in the next book. Sales figures are real. So, there are many reasons to think about what we write in terms of "Is this book going to succeed in the marketplace?" and "Is this the right publisher?" Read it here.


Sarah said...

Interesting article... it absolutely makes sense that the publishers have to make money - but this makes it sound almost as though the options from the "big" houses are big advance or no deal at all. Seems that there should be some sort of middle ground.


Andrea Zimmerman said...

That seems to have been the trend--trying harder for the bestsellers. Maybe there is still more middle ground in children's books.

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