Sunday, January 2, 2011

The "Best" Advice

Yesterday and today I am giving my two best pieces of advice. Today's involves a little story.

Many years ago, David and I went to a small event at the Pasadena Library. There we met Taro Yashima, whose work we admired greatly. Mr. Yashima was a three time Caldecott Honor winner, know for his sensitive stories and vibrant illustrations. We had read and enjoyed his books. Still in our twenties, he seemed like a very dignified old man to us and we were honored to speak with him. Being at the beginning stages of learning to write and illustrate for children, we asked his advice on getting published. He spoke briefly and I have thought about what he said many, many times. It has served as a challenge and a comfort. He said, "When yours is the best, they will publish it."


Hardygirl said...

Wow. Beautiful advice.


Eric Van Raepenbusch said...

Thank you for sharing this.

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