Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time To Think

There's a nice interview with the author and editor of The Quiet Book here. Author Deborah Underwood talks about taking some time to recharge. Here's a quote.
"And sometimes you need to give yourself permission to take time off, even if it's just a few hours, and give your unconscious a chance to work. I find that the latter can be even more challenging than the former. We're conditioned to feel guilty if we're not actively working, yet sometimes the best ideas come when we're not sitting at our desks. I nearly skipped the guitar concert that inspired The Quiet Book because I was really busy and didn't feel I should take the time off. I only went because my dad had already purchased a ticket for me. If I hadn't gone, The Quiet Book might not exist now."


Lori's Story said...

I hadn't seen this book. It's so cute! Thanks for all the great updates and info Andrea.

Anne said...

Thank you, Andrea. Your blog is so very informative and helpful. You do a great service to the picture book writers' community.

tammi sauer said...

I love that, Deborah. :)

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