Sunday, March 17, 2013

PB Love-In: Story

The Picture Book Love-In starts now!
This is the first of a series of thoughts reflecting on why we love picture books so darn much.  I think the number one reason I love picture books is story.  We humans have an innate longing for story-- seen from our earliest scratchings on cave walls to the winners at the Oscars.  Picture books are a place for all kinds of stories to be lovingly passed along to the newest members of our human family.  Yep, I think picture books are wonderful because of the stories they hold.
Why do you love picture books?


Sarah said...

I love them because they are like a microscope and help me zoom in and see small moments.

Lori's Story said...

That's such a big question! There are so many reasons. The first thing I thought of was when my mom would read the stories to us and how we would snuggle and look at the pictures and then I could look at the pictures later and still know the story. As I grew up I would look at picture books to see the latest style of illustration and how the pictures would work with the stories. Then April came along and I got to snuggle with her and look at the pictures in all the new books. I started to collect them for her with the autographs of the illustrators and authors. Now April is thinking about being an illustrator.

Anne Bromley said...

I love them because they say so very much in so few words. Sort of like poetry. Thank you for asking!

Joy Chu said...

The best ones have these qualities:

(1) resonate with few words;

(2) simple images that always suggest new ideas

(3) infinite telling and re-telling quality

(4) MAGIC.
[See Me Jane]

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Small moments and often big ideas!

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Nice family connections. :-)

Andrea Zimmerman said...

So true, like poetry or songs, too.

Andrea Zimmerman said...

Magic--I like that.

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